Ways to Share a Bathroom

I’m sure you’ve been there,being made to share a too-small bathroom. How in the world is one meant to actually do stuff in the morning when you’re rustling for room with another person or two! Do not ditch your roommate quite yet however,we’re the top minds on restroom sharing methods and we’re right here to aid you!

Bathroom Rotation

While it may be a little out of left field,creating a routine is one of the best methods to prevent aggravation when it comes to sharing a tiny space. Unless you’ve identical work schedules,sleeping times,and even bodily function times,this should work for you. You might have to make some changes to your normal flow,but that’s what makes for a fantastic relationship!

Start with figuring out who must leave the house first,that person should shower first. If someone would rather snooze a little longer,that is even better. Setup a schedule in which one individual jumps in the shower first. This can kick your morning routine off on a good foot and you will have the ability to take care of your typical a.m. chores one following the other. Here’s an excellent post with a simple guide to cooperating in your bathroom.

Upgrade Choices

When you have the cash,upgrading your bathroom to better accommodate two individuals will be the easiest way to resolve the issue of sharing a bathroom. Your very best bet: upgrading to a double vanity! Like everyone says,mo’ sinks,much less issues. Sticking a dual sink vanity inside your bathroom will reduce the amount of elbow rubbing and give you more space to do your thing. Here’s a couple of trends and tips from Mix-and-Chic for your bathroom.

Pick Up the Mess

This really is a simple tip,do yourself and your roommate a big favor and clean up after yourselves! In the event you can cut down on your clutter and not leave pools of water and hair everywhere,you both will be happier. As Thomas Jefferson famously stated,”happy roommate,blessed life.”

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